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Latest News - 30/03/2018

Yes.. it's raining again and Yes, we have Foils!

 Good Friday.. a special day for a lot of people but boy is the weather anything but special.. when is this going to end!

As you can probably tell I am a little 'bemused' by the winter of 2017 / 2018 as it now seems to have lasted a solid 6 months and although the clocks have gone forward the 'feeling' is still that of deep winter. So please.. if any Gods are listening.. is there any chance of Spring now?? We do of course have three more days to go of the first Bank Holiday weekend of the year and hopefully there will be slight improvements. 
Glad I 've got that off of my chest!
We've been looking at foils again this morning as a customer has placed an interest! We have the Fanatic H9 and the Neil Pryde RS Ally Flight in stock and have been comparing the two designs. Both are very different and the most interesting thing is when you look at the foils attached to a board it becomes very quickly apparent exactly how much water depth you will need to have a couple of inches (50cm.. ) of clearance between the foil and the seabed. For me that means getting on but more so 'off ' in chest deep water, which is not going to make it easy to retrieve the board etc. back onto a beach. I know the winds will be light but even in a Force 3 there is still a shore break of some type! At this point I hope that Nik Baker can perhaps make a 'comment' as he, as far as I know, is the only person who has ridden the Fanatic H9 foil off of Shoreham and I will be interested to hear his views on water depth etc. as I may well have missed something that makes them better in use (the thought of destroying your £700.00 foil and possibly board box on the first run is of course going to be a worry to any purchaser..). If you also fancy a look at both of the most accessible foils 'price wise' on the market do drop in and take a look.
Another foil / board system that is gaining a lot of interest is the Fanatic Stubby Foil Edition. This is basically a SUP board which combines with the S1 Fanatic foil but the board has the addition of footstrap mounts, so not only can you SUP it but you can also SUP Foil or Windsurf Foil, which sort of makes it a WINNER for a lot of peoples needs. There is a little confusion re. the S1 foil being suitable as a Wind foil (Fanatics information sort of contradicts itself depending upon what you read) but once again perhaps Nik will be able to throw exact light on it. The board is available in two sizes, pricing is £1649.00 for the board (no footstraps supplied as far as I know) and The S1 Foil is at a very reasonable £899.00. Board are currently only available in the 7'10" size and I would guess the larger board should be in stock in the next 4-5 weeks. The S1 Foil is available. 
I quite like the look of this board as the foil is adjustable fore and aft which sort of makes sense to me (we are all different sizes). So there you have it.. a quick update on foils.
The weather is as we know looking to be all over the place but currently Saturday and Monday are the only days with wind that could be of use. Saturdays is from the Sou-West and Mondays showing as stronger but from the Sou-East, which is usually less powerful. The weather for Saturday is up in the air regarding the rain.. some say dry all day and others rain all day.. shall we opt for the dry?? Sunday seems to be agree upon as the best day so for those that want to SUP, you get a chance at FUN too but be aware that the water is freezing so wear something that will preserve your body temperature in the water and therefore your life as well.. we cannot afford to lose customers!!! :) 
Tides are High at these times..
Good Friday 6.2m at 11.31hrs
Dry Saturday 6.4m at 12.14hrs
Easter Egg Sunday 6.5m at 12.58hrs
Windy Monday6.6m at 13.37hrs
All BIG tides so a lot of water movement going on especially in the local estuaries and rivers.
That is it for today.. stay warm and we hope you have a great day doing something other than working!

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