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Latest News - 09/02/2018

John on boards.. weekends weather.. and Olympics or Rugby?

 Hey ho.. here we are at the weekend once again and the weather for this particular one maybe good or bad , depending on your point of view. For those who are 'willing the winds' Saturday looks hopeful as we currently have a forecast for winds from the Sou' West ranging from 20 to 40 kts but it's a varied forecast 'timings wise' so do check tomorrow morning. Rain is likely.

Sunday is looking more settled for those who have other things in mind as the winds will swing to a Nor' West direction and drop back to 17kts.. with sunshine, allegedly. You could head West to the Witterings for a sail / kite, if it is a reasonable strength.
If not then I guess it will be the Rugby or the Olympics, so if nothing else appeals a warm fire or stool in the pub could be another 'best' option.
Tides are High 06.40hrs on a tiny 4.8m tide (not much movement..) and Sunday it's 07.58hrs on another 4.8m.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
I mentioned that we had found the John Brookbanks Board Design article from the eighties for Paul Franssen. I've sent him a 'photo' copy (scanning mags without taking them apart is not good) and thought that I should post it on our page so that it can be found again if someone is interested. It's worth a read if board design (wind or kite) is your thing as John's thoughts are still very much 'on the ball' by today's standards. By the way.. you can no longer buy the Watch or the Sails! :) You can see the article by Clicking here.
 am happy to email if you would like a copy.. Just Ask!
Hope you find it interesting and have a great weekend!

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