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Latest News - 07/02/2018

New Fanatic Paddles.. New RRD Boards!

 New Products.. 

from Fanatic there is a new Pure Paddle. It's an adjustable, it has a 15% carbon/composite shaft and is fitted with an 8" ABS plastic blade for taking the knocks, but not knocking your board! It's available in either a 2-part or 3-part form and te price is £85.00. They also offer it in a Junior Ripper version, also at £85.00! These paddles are being supplied as part of the 2018 Fanatic inflatable iSUP packages.. I will post these shortly but as a taster the Fly Air Premium 10'4" with a 3-part Pure Paddle and ION 10' Leash will RRP at £959.00/
RRD are about to Launch their New Freestyle Wave, the V5.
It will be available in three constructions, LTE (wood), Limited and a New Black Ribbon (more on this will follow.. when we know more!).
The sizes are 78-84-90-97-10-114lt in Limited and Black Ribbon but the 78 -114lt are dropped in the LTE version.
All of the boards are Powerbox and have Slot Boxes for the Thrusters. All boards will be supplied with K4 fins.
The 78-84-90 are supplied with 10cm K4 Shark Thrusters and the 97-104-114lt will be with a centre fin only.
LTE 84-90lt £1713.00 . LTE 104-114lt 1755.00
Limited boards are all £2089.00
Black Ribbon are all £2340.00
More on these when the official Launch has happened but needless to say the V4 boards will be On Offer shortly (we have a 104lt on the shelf if you are interested!).
That is it for now... stay WARM!

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