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Latest News - 07/02/2018

The J.Brookbanks Article TURNS UP.. just like that!

 Can you believe this.. a while back I asked whether anyone may have a copy of a mag which had an article regarding the board shaper John Brookbanks (who funnily enough does not live a million miles from here..). We were not sure which Mag or when and unfortunately nothing came to light. So, an hour ago a customer who we will call Mark (as that's his name) wondered into the shop holding a few old mags which he had found in the loft and wondered if we could do anything with them. He has a Windsurf Mag from 1987, a 1986 and 87 flier from the Wind & Surf Ally Pally shows and one copy of Boards Mag, Issue No 35 from Sept/October 1986. I truly almost fell over when I read on the cover of Issue 35 'John Brookbanks on Custom Design' !! Mark had no idea we were looking for this copy and I really cannot believe he just turned up with it.. off all the copies of a magazine he could have had, he had to walk in with that one (anybody play the piano?).

I will copy the article when I get a mo and put it on our facebook page it's a very interesting one! 
What a strange World.....

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