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Latest News - 02/02/2018

Friday.. Weekend.. Weather.. Rugby!

 Here we go again.. 6pm on a Friday Night and officially that must means the weekend and the first one of February!

Boy do I love the last week in January and the first week in February.. it's one of those Doldrums periods that all seafarers and watersports shops dread! It's made worse by it being our stocktaking week but also as a large number of customers are overseas hunting out a bit of winter wind, waves and sun (hello Jim, Bill, Clive, Mary, Jez, James.. and to anyone else who is out and about having a lovely time! Please do not send anymore pictures!!) whilst those of us lucky enough to be at home enjoying great British winter days (generally grey, wet and cold with the odd lovely 'sunny and crisp' one thrown in.. for those of you living overseas) struggle to avoid a very nasty case of S.A.D whilst also suffering from B.R.O.K.E after the Christmas onslaught ! So it's always a quiet week one way or another.. but hey, at least we had a BIG Moon! 
This leads me nicely onto the weather for the weekend as I should have depressed you enough by now to keep you on a 'level' for the forecast...
Saturdays forecast is a cracker, Winds light and from the North, rain on and off throughout the day and a scorchio 5°C.. not much fun to be had with that but do try and have a go. Tides are BIg thanks to the moon . High is at 13.16hrs on a 6.5m.
Sunday they say No rain but the winds are forecast to be a lot stronger form a Northerly direction and although they say a mucho scorchio 6°C.. I have a feeling the wind chill won't be as nice. Tides are High at 13.59hrs on a 6.3m.
Well that'be it.. I'm done for tonight. If you do feel like a little water sports Retail Therapy over the weekend do drop by.. but I guess the Six Nations Rugby will be on a lot of people's agendas and Beer Therapy is therefore more likely. Ahh.. so perhaps it's PERFECT weather for the weekend!!
Have a great time whatever You do.
Thanks to the BBC / NASA for the Moon Explanation and the

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