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Latest News - 19/01/2018

John Brookbanks Article in Old Mag??

 Help! Does anybody still have copies of old windsurfing Mags (poss in late eighties.. more likely early nineties )? 

We are looking for one which had an interview with John Brookbanks.. the Kiwi board shaper that worked I think with Chapter Surf boards in Devon, and then produced his own windsurfing boards (from Tangmere, near Chichester, at one point and then Fulking, near Devils Dyke). It's possible that the interview may have been written up by Ian Leonard of Boards Mag (James seems to remember that both he and Ian had boards made by John at the same time) so more likely to be in a copy of Boards than Windsurf... but could be wrong! Reason for asking is that we have a chap who contacted us by email who would love to get a copy of the interview, so if you could help that would be great!

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