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Latest News - 12/01/2018

Robin Spence... You will be missed.! It's no wonder the British are renowned for their continuous moaning about it.. but give us just one day of sun in a week and we are happy as Larry! 

So much so that we decided to go through the sail loft and update our Clearance List (actually that should make you happy.. not us.) which you can have a look at on our website under New Sails on Sale…
Odd weather for the weekend as well.. currently we have South East winds at around 20kts for Saturday which is likely to produce quite a close 'chop' if you venture out, and then Sunday it drops back to around 10kts and swings more to the East (could be good for SUP if you can find a sheltered break). Temps are around 8° and the forecast is for it to be dry.. good luck as forecasts can change! Tides should not and they are High at 08.44hrs on a 5.3m Saturday and Sunday it's 09.34hrs on a 5.5m. 
An odd week all round, not just the weather either as one event that took place earlier this afternoon is now etched into my memory, for good and sad reasons. Excuse me if I ramble on for a moment but I feel there is a need for it.
The event was the funeral of a longstanding customer and Shoreham Beach Local, which I guess almost makes them a friend. I am sure a lot of you will remember him, maybe not by name but maybe by the face, as is so often the case in watersports. Robin Spence, a revered architect whose most noticeable local achievement has to be the Adur Ferry Bridge. Robin put in so much effort to make sure that we had something different and beautifully 'open' to cross the river on and I am so glad he did, as I do wonder what we might have had without his input (there is a story about the glass on the bridge.. which I may
relay in the future).
Apart from the countless years of seeing him in the shop or windsurfing off of Widewater, I will always remember Robin for his slant on barbecues.. whenever we organised one down at the beach Robin would rock up and put everyone else to shame with his Greek gourmet mix of seafood and meat.. he always shared it though and I seem to remember that his choice of tipple was always a good one as well! It's so sad when you lose someone like Robin as he was one of those characters who seemed to be from another time and place.. he had that British 'charm' about him but also an incredible inner strength and confidence (Alastair Sim always came to my mind.. I hope you are OK with that Robin!). Even when enduring very bad health in his last years he managed to struggle on, which was such a sad sight to see, but he still kept that wonderful 'Robin' politeness and strength of character.
The funeral was truly an event, not in the same epically 'Cool' way as poor old Jai last year but in a way that suited Robins personality and of a 'style' I doubt will be seen for much longer.
It was almost State like, the choristers sang as though it was in a Cathedral, the speakers spoke in a manner that was precise, very exact and without hesitation but caring for the man they were sending off. There was a poem that could not fail to touch any listeners heart, a congregation of people that actually sang and a dignity about the whole thing that just felt 'calm' but very very strong.
A very fitting departure for a truly lovely man called Robin Spence. Our thoughts are with you Delia, you really did him proud.

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