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Latest News - 22/12/2017

That is it.. well.. almost!

 Ah, the Joys of Christmas.. I've just been to Tesco at Holmbush to pick up supplies for Sunday Mornings Festive Event and that is definitely not one of the 'joys'! But I do have to say that once I had got out of 'Hell on Earth', the jingle of the happy shoppers sleighs (Christmas trolleys) zipping across the tarmac and then the crunch as they were thrown back into their 'stall' almost brought tears to my eyes.. I was so glad to be leaving!

So I guess that is it.. Christmas has arrived and 2017 is almost done and dusted. I wonder how we will look back on the year.. they are usually classed as good or bad. Here's my thoughts and up to you if you want to skip this bit and go straight to the weather and the tides at the bottom.. 😀
It started reasonably well weather wise, relatively mild through to April and then by May, well WOW.. we were all thinking that the Gods were really happy with us for only having caused a 'small disruption' to Europe (others were doing a lot better on a World scale!) and we were up for a proper four months of HOT Summer! For Surfladle it seemed as though my hopes of a perfect year for trade had arrived (been here 23 years and still...) which made it heart breaking when we realised by the start of July that the party was over and from then on it was so much rain..together with cold . I know it was cold as I hit the BIG 6-0 and held a party in a marquee on August 12th.. it was 6° by 8pm!! But hey, at least I didn't have to endure a camping holiday in the UK during the worst school holidays weather in living memory and if nothing else it was a very windy summer! So maybe it was a good year weather wise??
As for people, Dave White (windsurfer, kite surfer, photographer and the RRD Agent for the UK up to August last year) who had earlier in his life got through a case of the Big C was once again hit by very bad luck health wise, but then I guess he was incredibly lucky to have survived that bad luck and we wish him a speedy recovery during 2018. 
Then there was Jai, a character of the 'larger than life' status who was as much a part of windsurfing in Worthing as the sea itself! He was not so lucky and sadly we had to say goodbye to him. Some people should not be allowed to drift off and as Jai is one there are plans underway to give him a special place of remembrance on Worthing Pier.. I think he will quite like that!
Then on Wednesday I had more bad news that one of the long term Shoreham Beach windsurfers had passed on.. some of you will know who I am talking about but I cannot say anymore than that at the moment. Maybe 2017 was not a great year for people but I guess that is just a personal view and my apologies if I have not mentioned someone that I should have.
Kit wise, more products than ever are arriving on the block! Some is good, some is bad (Chinese factories send endless emails offering SUP, Surf and Kite boards in every imaginable construction you can think of and at very competitive prices.. were just not too sure of the 'quality' though) and some of the pricing for 2017 raised eye brows to a new height, which included those belonging to importers and shop owners as we also have to buy the kit (no sale or return in this industry) . Unfortunately there is no good news re. the pricing for 2018 and it is something that we all will have to get used to, until the 'good times' return, as without the new kit sales the manufacturers cannot survive. Thankfully there are always a few offers from last year to make you smile.. maybe 2017 will turn out to have been an OK year??
So, to the weather that is heading our way and I am sooo glad that Bill has placed his Short'cast for the Festive period on facebook, as I've been looking at it all week and was scared to say anything! You can read his post in the next News Item and then make your own decisions on when you can disappear down to the beach for a bit of Festive Fun!
I do however feel safe with The Tides and they are.. Saturday 13.49hrs on a 5.7m, Sunday it's 14.27hrs on a 5.5m, Christmas Day 15.13hrs on a 5.5m and Boxing Day it's 16.10hrs on a 5.1m.
And that is it.. Happy Christmas to you All from James, Pippa and myself and we will be here (if you need any last minute purchases) Saturday 9.30am -5.30pm and then Christmas Eve.. here until 1pm.
Our opening times for next week will be posted tomorrow.. as I need to discuss this with the Wife! :)

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