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Latest News - 02/12/2017

M'soft make me late.. the weather is COLD but Hamboards are HOT! :)

(posted a day late due to tech issues).
It's FRIDAY.. best day of the week for most as it means that the weekend is pretty much here and everything is therefore GOOD.. so can someone tell me why Microsoft think it's a good idea to update my computer at 5pm.. just when I started to write this! So I'm late again and therefore it's a quicky.

The weather I think you could say is cold but if you think it's bad now, check next weekends current forecast on Windguru.. if it comes true that will be COLD! :(
When this weather hits the UK it's not surprising that our sales of watersports kit do drop off a tad but it's not just the UK weather that can ruin sales.. we even get problems from abroad as snow in Austria has delayed a delivery we wanted this week. Generally COLD makes life tough for us but thankfully we do have a product that can be used, just like a bike, at anytime and in any weather...the trusty land surfing Hamboards! :) 
We have the four main models in stock and although they are no longer manufactured in the States (Mr Trump will be onto them shortly..) the pricing has made them much more affordable as a 'fun' item.
The main models (from left to right in the pic) are the Fish.. most popular board for a real surfing style of skate. The trucks and wheels are something to behold and it sells at a very reasonable £249.00 for the Natural Bamboo version.. then we have the Hop which is Hamboards take on a normal longboard (very popular) and sells at £189.00.. followed by the Logger which has to be the best if you are looking for a cool cruiser and at a cool price of £259.00 for its size.. and then the Cutest of all skateboards.. the Biscuit.. which takes the biscuit for being such a fun board to own and love.. it sells at £165.00. More colours etc. available to order and we will apply the usual loyalty discount.. so come on down and take a look!
Weather for the weekend is looking cold at best..
Saturday the winds are light (6kts) from the North in the morning and then swing to Nor West in the afternoon. Tide is High at 09.41 on a biggy 6.4m.
Sunday sees the stronger Northerly winds return, gusting to 25kts in the morning (rain may accompany) and then dropping back to 15kts in the afternoon. Tides are High 10.26hrs on a biggy'er 6.6m. All in all...COLD.
Hope you have a good one and STAY WARM!

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