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Latest News - 24/11/2017

It's a Dark Friday.. Baker out on Foils.. Dakine T8 and a New Bakery BAH HUMBUG!

 That wasn't such a bad week was it..not quite as good as last weekends forecast for the week looked but wind and waves in November has always got to be seen as a bit of a bonus (it used to be known as the freezing month but nowadays you just have to wait and see). I say not a bad week but if you did not manage to slip out of work then it was a frustrating week, as the forecast for this weekend is back to Nor-West winds. So it's the Witts, poss Tidemill's (Seaford), Camber or the North Kent coast for those that want to kite or sail. Offshore winds are great for holding up the surf and the height is being shown as 1m at Shoreham on Saturday but today was pretty flat by all accounts so I would check the Rustington Wave Buoy if you plan to travel down for a SUP. Tide times are High at 14.49hrs on a 5.2m Saturday and 15.45hrs on a 4.9m Sunday.

Nik Baker was spotted testing the new Fanatic Windsurf Foil off of Shoreham last weekend so I hope we may get feedback on how practical he feels foils are for our area in the next week or so (I don't expect to hear anything from Nik until he's tested it thoroughly). If you are considering buying a foil for next spring I would suggest you place an order shortly as supply is likely to be 'slow' and demand across Europe high.
Couple of NEW items arrived today.. it's DaKine again as their New stock for 2018 is now coming on line.
It's the infamous T Series DaKIne Waist Harness... probably the most popular harness used by the trade.  Now in its Mark 8 'form' (it was the first ever Thermo Form'ed harness) it is available in two types. The standard style which has a sliding spreader bar and now a Fixed Bar model.. so the choice is yours! The sliding bar version has a nice feature this year which is a large elasticated containment strap on either side for tucking the excess webbing into. The bar also has a pad on it. 
The New fixed version uses four point webbing mounts to spread the load has a fast fix fitting on the spreader bar.
Price is up there with the rest of the top end harnesses..  £170.00 for either model. 
Black Friday has been with us now for almost Two Weeks and if James had been around I might have been tempted to do a few Offers via facebook On the actual Day.. but I have run out of time  so it 'aint'happened' . As always though we are willing to Price Match any bonafide offer just as long as we have it in stock (which I thought was the point of Black Friday.. clear Old Stock) and I will apply a little extra discount to anything of a reasonable Value over this weekend ( and as with our normal operating 'service' I will always tell you if I think you're buying the wrong thing...even if it is cheap!).  🤔 
The Bakery in Ferry Road has re-opened after its transformation into a cafe. The takeaway still operates as per normal but you can now 'take shelter' for a few pence more to drink your coffee or eat your bun in comfort (great place to rendezvous.. as is the Beach Cafe just down from the Bakery if you prefer a cooked breakfast!)
And so that is it for this dark and chilly Friday evening.. except to say that I wish You All a Very Merry Christmas.  
Well it must be Christmas as there's a guy selling Christmas Trees on the roundabout onto the beach!
Have a good'un.

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