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Latest News - 17/11/2017

Hats & a Board on show and a Stealth goes to Thurso

 4° and it feels like Winter! What a change from last Friday (11° and felt warm!) but at least it's been sunny today so not all bad.

Once again the weekend has caught up and Friday evening is just half an hour away (or it was when I started writing this).
Couple of things I thought I should mention just in case you were looking to enjoy a little retail therapy this weekend.. 
I was totally caught out last Sunday.. Saturday had been warm and not as windy or wet as per the forecast (how odd..) and then Sunday, well, to be honest, bleedin'freezin!  I had three people come into the shop at separate times looking for a warm hat and alas.. all we had were the neoprene Beannie variety that were not 'floating' this type of customers boat. So we now have a selection of reasonably priced Da KIne 'proper' beanies to offer. They normally retail for £16.00 plus but these we are offering at £9.99, £11.99 and £12.99 (only one which has dangly bits! :) 
On a slightly larger retail therapy note.. we have traded in a RRD V2 96lt Limited 2012 which has been one of the most popular board ranges on the south coast over the years. The board is in pretty good condition with just a few marks  on the rails. It comes with an ION board bag which has a proper YKK zipper ( we can negotiate it out if you already have a bag) and an extra fin to compliment the original. £485.00 and it is yours! :)
Sometimes you are amazed at who buys what and Thursday was one of those days. We have been trying to sell a Naish Stealth Tri Cam 7.5m sail for a 'little while now' and finally it went off to a new home, to be played with again. Where did it go.. Thurso! I am sure a lot of you will know of Thurso as it is one of the most infamous waves in the UK (West Coast of Scotland near Caithness) and therefore a wave sailing paradise. Not the place I would have imagined a Tri Cam 7.5m sail to go to. The last few pictures tells the story and when Stephen Foster of Thurso has fixed his new propellant to the vehicle he has promised me that pictures of it in use will be sent.. looking forward to that! The beach is Dunnet.
Oh yes.. Martin, we have SOLD your sail!!
The time is now 6.15pm (customers come first).. so time to go and here is the proposed weather for your weekend (I am surprised as it now looks a lot like last weekend.. hmmm.).
Saturday we allegedly have wind from the West forecast at 19-25kts at its best, which should be mid to late afternoon. Temps are shown as 10 degrees which fits in with those that have a 10° rule (less than that.. no go out!) and rain of course will occur at some point. The tides are High at 11.06hrs on a 6.3m (good day for River Paddling!!)
Sunday is as per last week.. winds veering off to the North (maybe Nor West) and dropping, as is the temperature but hopefully not as much as last Sunday (wait a mo.. I want to sell hats!!). Tides are high 11.39hrs on a 6.2m so if you overslept or had a hangover on Saturday you can try again for a River Paddle.. with a head wind on the way up! :)
Have a great weekend and Have Fun..

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