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Latest News - 10/11/2017

The weekend, Pro Limit Waterwear and 100 million.. gone.

 11° and it feels just like Summer! :)

Well once again the working week draws to a close and most of you will be preparing for your two days of FREEDOM! It's looking pretty wet for tomorrow though and the damned wind, from a friendly direction, is blowing very early in the morning (6am) and then veering slightly offshore by 9am.. then very offshore early afternoon. The usual West wind spots as per Carrots Cafe could be OK but Worthing and LA maybe a no go as the Tides are low. You could head West to the Witts / Bracklesham (will be busy) or go East to Tidemills at Seaford or really hit the road and go all the way to Camber Sands! If none of that sounds good don't forget the North Kent Coast! But what to wear when you get there..
This week's feature is on Pro Limit Waterwear (I have not mentioned their products for ages..) and first up is a stonker of an offer on a drysuit.. The Nordic! It's a Multisport Drysuit which is super light (the Medium weighs 0.8kg), has an easy entry front zip system, Neoprene neck and wrist seals,  with Latex ankles. No braces in this suit as the weight deems them unnecessary. RRP was £379.00 but due to a warm spring they are now on offer at just £249.00! We have 2 x M 1 x L and a XXL. Be quick..
Next up is  what I would call their Huggy Bear (the material is a fluffy Quick Dry) but they have called a Mercury Freezip 6/4 steamer. It's called a Freezip as it has the neck entry system that is open on both sides (like a flap) to make it far easier to get into and get out of. The thickness of the material is as stated and at £279 this fast drying suit is a bargain.. really! It's in a Royal Blue as well.
Feet.. cold?.. can't stand ATAN as the soles are too thin?.. then it's the Hydrogen Polar booty for you. A true 6/5mm boot with a velvet insole and Zodiac Plush lining .. with a reasonable 'Worthing Rocks' thick sole! Priced at £47.95 it is a steal.
Hands.. hmmm.. well for Kites, SUP, Surf and some kayakers gloves are acceptable but we have still not found a pair that I could say were windsurfing friendly (only the ION Palmless Mitt seems to be the winner for that discipline). So for those that can,  Pro Limit offer the Q-Glove.. super stretch neoprene which has a clever printed grip that also gives the glove strength but does not affect the stretch to much. So how much do you reckon they are??. £20.95!! Ridiculous, as that is HALF of most others. OK, it's likely to be a one season glove but to be fair a lot of the more expensive don't fare much better!
As for your head.. Hoods start at £14.95 and their pro plush lined version with a peak is only £21.95. The Beanies start at £13.95. 
Last of all, one for the Girls.. The Pure Girl Racer Jacket for only £109.00.
You have to say that those prices are not bad for 2018 kit.. definitely worth a look the next time you're in!
Now the weekend weather (any forecast coming Bill?). 
Saturday, Winds from the West early in the morning veering to Nor-West by midday and then going Northerly 'light' by mid to late afternoon. Winds are gusting to 34kts in the morning but dropping as the direction swings. Tides are High at 16.55hrs on a 5.2m Neap. Rain is forecast to be 'yuk' all day.
Sunday the winds are still there, gusting to 30kts from the Nor-West so once again if you travel you should be lucky. Tides are High at 18.20hrs on a 5.1m Neap.  No rain for Sunday but the temps are.. well it's Scorchio 15° on Saturday and by Sunday.. a Chillio 7°!.. that's a 50% drop..eeek!  Less windchill of course :( 
Wrap up warm and have lots of Fun.. but do spare a moment to remember all of those that lost their right to fun and ultimately to life, thanks to two World Wars. Close to 100 Million people.... Christine D'Mello is the photographer of the lonely poppy.

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