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Latest News - 19/08/2017

It's the weekend... and what ODD weather!

It's supposed to be a Windy Weekend ahead of us once again (currently being a bit odd though..) ! I'm not at all sure how this sits with those who would really like a HOT, sunny and calm Summers weekend but for the wind and kitesurfers it just gets better and better! 

Bill Short has put his best guess forecast on our facebook page regarding what and when, so from here in it's 'fingers crossed' for a Happy Ex-Hurricane!
Couple of things to mention regarding the Used Kit coming in..
SUP wise we have a Starboard Race 14' x 28" (friendly width for distance paddling) Glass which really should be at a new home by now.. offers will be considered if they are £600.00 :) 
Windsurf Wise we have three editions to the Used Board list..
F2 Powerglide 287cm x 71cm 165lt (CA58) £130.00
(has central footstrap position for improvers)
JP Freestyle Wave 84lt FWS 2006 GC £175.00
JP Freestyle Wave 102lt FWS 2007 GC £250.00
Both 'older' boards but the shapes are still good!
Pics to follow.

Also a 2012 Quatro Freestyle Wave 84lt which I have mentioned before and is in really good condition at a snip £395.00 .. we have a pic now to tempt you!

Sails wise we have a couple of additions..
North Duke 5.4m 2008 GC (TU65) £100.00
North Duke 5.9m 2008 (TU65) £70.00
(Window panel has a sticker on a split).

Talking of used kit.. a customer has decided he has way too much kit now and is clearing out his garage. I have added his 'list' as a pic but I doubt if it will be easily read, so if you want a better copy just ask and I can send as a pdf. Call Jim direct on 07785 581885 (he is in Worthing) if anything on his Boot Sale list takes your fancy (set of Taka 1 sails for £500!).
And now.. the TIDES!
Saturday, the High was at 10.01hrs on a 5.6m
Sunday, the High is at 11.00hrs on a 6.0m
Both great for Shoreham in the afternoon.

And finally.. just a quick mention about a small typo in our Tide Tables for yesterday the 18th .errr.. the 55m tide height should have been a 5.5m! Not sure you would be 'dry' on the top of the downs if we had a 55m tide! :)
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading this!

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