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Latest News - 14/07/2017

Beach Dreams.. New and Used kit.. wind and Jai bows out in style!

 It's the weekend.. it currently looks to be windy on Saturday, which may cheer some of you up, but here's something to cheer you all up.. it's also Beach Dreams weekend! Oh yes.. it's that time of year for the Shoreham Beach mini music festival to take place and it kicks off this evening and goes on until Sunday evening. It's a family based event so it should have something for everyone.. you can find out more about what's on and when at the festival website.

We have a few new items for the Windsurfing Used and On Offer list (nothing SUP or Kite at the moment.. sorry!).
First up is a Fanatic Wave Stubby 77lt 2017. It has one ding on the underside of a rail but otherwise is in good condition.. price is £1139.00.
Next is the Quatro Freestyle Wave 85lt 2013 (it's a 2012 serial no. but sold in 2013) I mentioned last week. It's now here and it's in very good condition (one little mark on the tail). Price is £395.00
New On offer is a 2017 Fanatic Stubby Freewave TE 95lt. The board has slight transit damage and is now on offer at £1279.00 (£1899.00 RRP).. a real bargain.

Due to the release of the 2018 Fanatic Range (Wave and Freewave) which includes the New Grip Five fin box board (one to look at..) we can now offer a 22% discount off of remaining Tri-Wave, Stubby Wave, Quad and the Freeewave / Stubby Freewave boards. If you are tempted then please call us and we will check availability there and then!

RRD have a whole range of their sails now on offer so please do ask if there was something you were thinking of!

As for the wind this weekend.. I am hoping that Bill will post one of his 'Short-casts' on our facebook page but if not the general synopsis seems to be for a 15-20kt Sou-West wind on Saturday afternoon (Tide is high at 16.00hrs on a 5.8m)and then on Sunday we 'may get' 9-12kt on a Westerly (Tide is High at 16.50hrs on a 5.6m).
Sea Breezes can of course alter things so do keep an eye on the Live Wind stations.

Last of all.. it was a wet and dreary day last Tuesday (did it rain or what!) but it did not stop people from turning out for Jai's funeral. 
The Church was packed, the service was so relaxed ( just like Jai ) and if you had seen the coffin with a board, sail and boom strapped to it.. well... that was the Coolest Funeral I think any of us had ever attended! Jai.. you were the Dude of Windsurfing! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend and .. WHERE'S OUR FACEBOOK FORECAST BILL!!!

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