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Latest News - 07/07/2017

The Weekend, Worthing Racing and hopefully.. more SUN

 Once again the weekend has arrived.. but before we go there.. what a week of really HOT pleasent weather! It may not suit everybody but the heat does watersports nothing but good.. and the industry needs a good period ! Whether you want wind or not.. pretty much everyone has been catered for during the last 4 weeks which has to be a good summer (so far!).

Used kit.. a quick update on what has arrived this week.. all windsurfing.
Streamlined Carbon Boom 140cm 2016 GC £345.00
Tushingham RD 100% 400cm mast 2014 (white) GC £165.00
JP Xcite Ride 105 FWS 2006 has a few repairs GGC £150.00
Tushingham 4.75m Force 10 2010 GC £125.00
Simmer Icon 4.4m 2010 GC £100.00
Simmer OS Wave 4.0m (2005?) GC £30.00
Coming in tomorrow will be a used Quatro Freestyle Wave 85L 2013 £ Price TBA
Talking of used kit.. does anyone have a SDM 460 mast they want to get rid of (Rotho etc. OK!)  as we have a customer looking for one ( he wants to get his old kit out for another go but missing a mast). Please call us if you can help as we have given all of ours away as flag poles! :( 
Worthing is host to Nik Bakers round of the UK Windsurfing Slalom Event this weekend.
It promises to be windy at least on Sunday but fingers crossed that they get something tomorrow too! I think there may be entries on the day if you fancied your chances.. ? 
Ok,  onto the weather forecast! Bill has posted that the outlook for wind is not good and Windguru etc.  agree  but with the current  'swings' in the forecasts it could be windy.. so watch the weather stations or give us a call! The tides however are set in stone.. 
High on Saturday is 11.49hrs on a 5.7m and Sunday 12.24hrs on a 5.8m 
Perfect low tide conditions for Shoreham by mid afternoon (river paddling best in the morning!)
And that is all I have time for now.. Have a great weekend in the SUN but don't forget the SUNSCREEN!  (bet it rains now).

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