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Latest News - 06/01/2017

It's 2017 and it's still all about keeping a COPY.. Pooh!

This was going to be a very interesting first of the year write up which I had just finished on our facebook page .. but thanks to an issue with a Call Now button pop-up the page froze.. and I DID not have a copy.. so it's all GONE!

I am very very peeved..  :(
So here's a basic bare bones version of my masterpiece which wsa also going to appear here..

Happy New Year etc etc.. let's get on with it!

Weather.. its' the Doldrums..windy today though.. been OK if you SUP as there have been good conditions if willing to brave the cold.. water is now 8°. Warm and Snugly Winter wetsuits available.. HERE!
Wind poss next Thursday.. see forecast.
Shoreham Weather Station is still down..

Not much going on at the moment within the industry but customers do have used kit to sell.. Please call us if you are interested as these are NOT AT THE SHOP!
Starboard Kode Carb 78lt 2016!! £725.00 (small nose repair).
Starboard Quad Wood/Carb 71lt 2010 £175.00
SUP Board
Starboard Airborn Wood 8'8" 2015 £425.00

Weekend Outlook.. more Doldrums with Highs at 18.02hrs 5.2m Sat and 19.30hrs or 19.49hrs on a 5.4m (there seems to be a diff of opinion for High Tide time on Sunday)

Hope you are all well... Have a Great Weekend! :)

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