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Latest News - 16/12/2016

This weekend and Santa.. is he for real?

 Friday Evening and it's almost the start of the last weekend before Christmas 2016..  I wonder what Santa will have in his sack for us??  (Errr.. are 'old men' still allowed to dress up in red and get young people to sit on their knees??) . 

Now I know that it has not been a great Autumn and Winter for consistent winds (so far) but as far as 'where we live in the world' and comparing ourselves to some poor buggers living in countries that are in a mess.. I think we have had it pretty damned good!
SUP was the interest of the day.. quite a nice wave coming in with a really long wave period for the south coast (Bracklesham was packed by all accounts). These mild temps and relatively still days mean that those who can manage to skive off.. I mean be available.. when the tides are right are getting an awful lot of fun.
Talking of a lack of wind.. please note that Shoreham Weather Station is still down and not sure what is happening with it.  As for the wind this weekend.. less than usual!! 
Tides for the weekend are High at 13.25hrs on a 6.4m and Sunday it's 14.11hrs on a 6.1m. A lot of water will be moving in the Rivers so do watch the times as you could end up with a 'hard paddle'!
Added a few more of the used sails onto the site earlier today..
Gaastra Manics in 4.0 and 4.5m.. North Duke 5.9m.. North Ice 6.2m and a lovely North Voodoo 4.0m. All can be found in the Bargain Sails section.
So.. getting back to 'What Does Santa Have in his Sack for us'??
Take a look at Windguru's current forecast.. it will either make you smile or cry!

Hope to see you on Sunday morning for the Mulled Wine and Pies.. 10am' till 1.00pm! 
Have a good weekend..

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