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Latest News - 05/05/2012

Another HOT, WINDY Bank Holiday Weekend..

YOU WISH! Sorry to say that the picture is not from today and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for this May Bank Holiday weekend. Temperatures at the coast are currently a little on the low side for the time of year and the sun is not really visable, due to the drizzle. However, there is WIND.. but it is from the North East so nothing doing here until Tuesday..grrrr..when it allegedly swings back to a sou-west direction, just to cheer everybody up!

But don't let this put you off, as a brisk walk along the seahore will do you the world of good..and as We are OPEN until 5.30pm today and then 10.00am until  4.00pm on Sunday and Monday.. we really could do with the company!

The Tide will be high (for those who like to walk on the sand..) at 11.12hrs both today and on Sunday , with a tidal range of 6.3m , and Monday is high at 12.50hrs on a 6.5m.

So, if the rains continue and the cool temperatures carry on, just try and smile when they say that we are still in a drought... and only slightly below the seasonal average temperature! Happy Days..

Have a great weekend!!

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